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Summer Landscapes

1. Payment Clause
• Estimate/quotation inclusive of VAT.
• Two Options: Option A - Payment of a lump sum on completion; Option B – Payment by stage payments during the duration of the works carried out with the final stage payment being made on day of completion. Options [A/B] applies. 
• Payment to be received in full on day of completion so please make sure any relevant bank transfers are completed in advance so that payment is received and cleared into the tradesman account on the day of completion. A late payment charge of 10% would be added onto your final invoice if payment is not received in full 7 days after the day of completion.

2. Variations or changes from the original quotation or specifications 
• Any requested variation cost is to be agreed with the Customer in writing before works are conducted.
• If the Customer requests any variations, the Agreed Price will be varied by an amount or time period (as the case may be) to be agreed between the parties. 
• Requested variations and their effect will be recorded. 
3. Programme of Work
• A commencement and completion date will be agreed before commencement.
• If warranted key dates will be agreed throughout the programme of the Agreed Work. Delivery dates of key elements will be mentioned. If we are behind schedule to our agreed schedule date then we will notify you of any delays before the proposed start date. A late start or completion date will not breach the contract in any way as certain projects can, from time to time be delayed due to weather or additional works added etc. 
4. Workmanship and Materials Supplied
• The Builder/Tradesman shall carry out the Agreed Work in a proper and workmanlike manner. 
• All materials supplied by the Builder/Tradesman will also be of satisfactory quality and suitable for their intended purpose. Materials must be new unless agreed with the Customer. 
• Any faulty workmanship and or materials must be notified to the Builder/Tradesman as early as possible. The Builder/Tradesman must be given the opportunity to inspect and if deemed necessary request an expert's report to qualify problem and fault. If found to be as recorded then the Builder/Tradesman will repair or replace as required. 
• Manufacturer’s recommendations will be followed and the Customer must adhere to any necessary recommendations. 
• Any materials supplied by the Customer must bedelivered to the premises and checked by the Customer prior to incorporating into the Agreed Work. Any delay caused by Customer supply may be charged for. 
5. Weather 
• If the Builder/Tradesman cannot complete the Agreed Work on time because of 
extremely inclement weather, an extension to the Agreed Period will be agreed 
by a fair and reasonable time. 
• No concrete work, brickwork, or plastering and or external works such as 
rendering, slab laying, or decorations will be carried out if temperatures are -5
degrees Celsius or below. 
6. Water, Electricity, Gas and or Oil
• The Customer will supply all necessary water and electricity for the carrying out of the Agreed Work without charge to the Builder/Tradesman. 
• Any movement of meters or mains from the boundary to the meter and or oil storage tanks will be the responsibility of the Customer. 
• If any building work is required in connection with the above, a cost must be agreed before commencement. 
7. Local Authorities approvals
• Any necessary Local Authorities approvals will be sought and gained by the Customer prior to commencement of the Agreed Work. Copies of all relevant permissions and approvals are also to be forwarded to the Builder/Tradesman prior to commencement of the Agreed Work. 
• Any fees due for such approvals will paid by the Customer. 
8. Party Wall etc Act 1996
• If this act applies then it is the responsibility of the Customer to follow the correct procedures. The Builder/Tradesman will not accept any responsibility for any delays caused. 
9. CDM. Construction (Design Management) Regulations 2007
• It is the Customer's responsibility to comply with the above Regulations if they apply. The Builder/Tradesman will not accept any responsibility for any delays caused or any breach of planning rules or regulations as it is ultimately the responsibility and duty of the homeowner to apply for, check and follow all planning restrictions and applications. If the Builder/Tradesmen is requested to follow out works that do not comply with planning laws or regulations then it is ultimately the homeowners responsibility and we will not accept any responsibility for breaching these rules and regulations.
10. Guarantee
• The Agreed Work is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and or materials not fit for purpose for up to 10 years.
11. Insurance
• The Customer is to notify their insurance company of the work to be carried out before commencement of the Agreed Work. 
• The Builder/Tradesman will have Public Liability Insurance of: £__1,000,000______________ 
• The Builder/Tradesman if relevant will have Employers Liability Insurance of: £_____1,000,000___________ 
• The Builder/Tradesman will not accept any responsibility against theft of any materials or products taken from the premises that are for the Agreed Work. 
12. Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013
To comply with the Consumer Contracts (information, cancellation and additional work 
charges) Regulations 2013.  To include:
• The right to cancel period of 28 days.
• Additional and relevant information.


The agreed work is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and or materials not fit for purpose for up to 10 years.

14. TURF

As turf is a living product, we can not guarantee any turf after it has been laid. Poor maintenance will result in turf becoming patchy, yellow or in poor condition. After we have laid your lawn you are entirely responsible for the condition of your lawn so therefore can not accept any responsibility after your lawn has been laid.


Although we will take necessary steps to prevent weed growth within your garden, after we have completed any works any works, leaves falling from trees, birds dropping seeds, airborne grass/hedge cuttings etc will always generated weed growth. therefore we can not be held responsible for any future weed growth within your garden and you, as the home owner are solely responsible for the maintenance in weed control.

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